Friday, December 27, 2019

Best Family Tour in Bohol While Renting a Car at Affordable Budget

Another memorable travel experience we shared in Bohol. During our stay, we head over to Tagbilaran City finding the best Car Rental in Bohol to use. This way we can travel around Bohol without limits to itinerary. Though we followed the spots written in a default. What makes easy and gave advantages to us is we can add extra spots and hour to the activities because renting a car is much flexible and worthy for paying less and affordable to travelers.

Experienced in Renting Bohol Car Adventure Tour and Its Fun Itinerary in Family Group
We explore Bohol riding adventures activities. Those ATV in chocolate hills in Carmen was really amazing. It's our 1st time and gave extra ordinary thrill and feelings we had. Imagine, having a ride with rough, wet, up, down and curvy and rocky road was a really fun and exciting. Its like we did a race for other traveler for real. Not just having plain road but its extra different.

It was intended having this kind of road so people can experience a ride that never forgotten. Along this trip, we jump next to our Car that we Rent in Bohol and move to sightseeing again. We took a break and ate a light snacks and drinking fresh buko juices.

What extra activities does Renting Car in Bohol brings you?
It brings you a fun and unique experience customizing your itinerary and reaching those near and far destination where tour packages other don't have.

Just tell to the driver where you wanna go next and do the activities. The driver in the Car is courteous and very professional. No matter what you requested it can be granted. A kind of driver will guide, entertain and court you before and after tour. Very generous and accommodating in way that gives you total enjoyment sharing those knowledge in a trip.

In a whole activities, we got the Vios 2019 Automatic. A good transmission and condition since make and model was released updated. The air-conditioned are good and cold. However we can adjust the temperature requested.

They also have Hi-Ace Van Grandia 2019. We asked the operator if how long they get for another vehicle if years comes along the way. They said, we have fresh vehicle buy each new year comes. Cool right?, meaning this operator is always thinking the convenient part to a travelers. Riding with new vehicle is a good option since we get the assurance the healthy condition that we ride.

What vehicle does people usually rent for?
It depends, a small partner like couple or a group of 3 will take Car that has 3-4 seaters. But usually participants can take 3 seats as max so that they can seat more comfortable and has extra space in the middle.

While, 5 large groups above will take hi-ace Van Grandia or hi-ace Van Cumuter for 12-14 seaters max capacity. This a good vehicle and option to choose for.

Another travelers that reached 15 persons - 49 person will take the premium sliver line BUS. It's a unique type of bus that gives extra convenient ride to travelers. A wide capacity for extra feeling since its new bus and very good condition

Created this overall experience is a good idea, a cost that worth paying, a ride that gives extra ordinary feelings. We never regret we select Rent a Car in Bohol that gave us total satisfaction and fulfillment to our thirst in traveling Bohol Tour. Suggested place to return  again and a highly recommended to other travelers.

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